【CAREhER Lifestyle】For Her Moon Festival Ceramic Petal Cups & Kumquat Chajiu gift set

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family and loved ones to come together, and the key to bonding lies in the presence of wine and tea.

Featuring CAREhER’s core value of building meaningful connections, we present to you this thoughtfully designed gift set. Infused with elements from Taiwanese tea culture, elegance, and convenience, our aim is to create purposeful connections into every gathering this gifting season.

【For Her Moon Festival Ceramic Petal Cups & Kumquat Chajiu gift set Limited edition 200 sets】
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Persons age under 18 not allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages.
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The culture of tea production and consumption has long been interwoven with everyday life in Taiwan. When it comes to social gatherings, the art of hosting often revolves around the ceremonial serving of tea, with exquisite utensils that reflect the host's individual style and taste.
The "For Her" wine and tea cups are carefully handcrafted by master artisans from the town of Yingge, renowned for its pottery. These cups are glazed with CAREhER's signature green porcelain paired with an ivory hue, the petal-like design accentuates the flavors and aromas of the oolong tea and fresh kumquat blend.

Created by Sensitive Creatures Lab – ChaJiu, a beverages laboratory based in Taiwan, ‘S.5 For Her’ was formulated with fresh ingredients sourced from their own garden and local fruit farmers. This limited-edition flavor combines oolong tea and kumquat, offering a unique taste of fruit, tea and alcohol.
This batch of S.5 For Her tea-infused liquor was created exclusively for “Club CAREhER” members. Through continuous refinement of flavors, we have developed a flavor profile tailored for modern women.


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